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Door Jambs and Trims


finished and unfinished composite components

GlassCraft's composite components have been tested for quality and durability and offer the following benefits:

  • Superior appearance with detailed wood graining.
  • Available in Tan color that can be stained and painted like real wood; no priming required.
  • Available in Pre-finished option to match any GlassCraft Premium Fiberglass door unit.
  • Non-splintering with excellent screw and nail retention; will not twist.
  • Cuts and routes out beautifully with little or no chipping or ragged edges.
  • Tested for Fastener Pull Through per ASTM D1761-06.
  • Tested for Linear Thermal Expansion per ASTM DM696-08.
  • Exterior Jamb Leg

    Exterior Jamb Leg

  • Brick Mould

    Brick Mould

  • Composite Mull Cover

    Composite Mull Cover

  • Astragal


  • Fat Boy Mull Post

    Fat Boy Mull Post

  • Quarter Round Stop

    Quarter Round Stop

  • SDL Bar

    SDL Bar