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Terms & Conditions

INTRODUCTION. Your use of this website, www.doornmore.com (“Website”), and your purchase of goods and services offered on this Website, shall be governed by the terms and conditions contained in this agreement (“Agreement”). This Agreement constitutes a legal contract between you, the purchaser (“Purchaser”), and US Door & More, Inc. (“US Door”), pursuant to § 672.204, Fla. Stat., and other applicable law, and by placing an order on the Website, you agree to be bound by the terms contained in this Agreement, which shall control over any subsequent terms and conditions exchanged between the parties.

PAYMENT. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by US Door, payment must be received by US Door by credit card, PayPal, or wire transfer prior to acceptance of, and the duty to fulfill, any order. Where US Door has agreed to payment terms other than the foregoing, including purchases on credit, then the Purchaser will receive an invoice for the amount due for the order. Payment is due within fifteen days of the date of the invoice. In the event payment is not timely made in accordance with this Agreement, delinquent accounts will be assessed a penalty charge in the amount of 1% of the delinquent balance for every thirty days that the account remains delinquent. US Door retains the right to cancel any order that is placed for any item or items for which the price appearing on this Website is inaccurate in any respect, including prices resulting from typographical or other errors; in such event, US Door will provide the Purchaser the right to purchase the item or items at the correct price, or a full refund, whichever the Purchaser requests.

DOOR SPECIFICATIONS. All doors are provided unfinished, unless otherwise specified. All interior single swing doors to have a lockset prep of 2-1/8" diameter with a 2-3/8" backset, 3 standard US2D colored hinges, and door stop, unless otherwise specified. All door jambs will be shipped knocked down to avoid damage during transit. Double doors with T-Ast, door slabs or bi-fold doors are not pre-drilled for locksets, unless otherwise specified. Door drawings on the website or order form may not be exactly to scale. Narrow doors and bi-folds will only be 1 panel wide. We reserve the right to re-proportion non-standard doors. Purchaser must specifically request shop drawings to ensure the door proportions are as desired. Doors 1'-6" or less may have narrow side stiles unless otherwise.  All images on the Website are representative of the appearance of the products offered and actual products may vary slightly from those images. Locks, handles, door frames, and related fixtures are not included unless specified as being included. All doors are sold unfinished unless specified as finished, or Purchaser chooses a finish, notwithstanding any finish depicted in product image. Purchaser shall be solely responsible for ensuring that the products purchased from US Door will comply with all current zoning requirements, fire regulations, and buildings standards, including, but not limited, local building codes.

SHIPPING POLICY AND TERMS. Your order will be shipped ground via a freight company. US Door estimates shipping costs to the best of our ability at the time of purchase; however, actual shipping costs may vary based on various circumstances. Purchaser agrees to pay the actual cost of shipping even if those costs are greater than initially estimated by US Door; alternatively, in the event shipping charges are greater than initially estimated, Purchaser may cancel such order for a full refund (except with respect to customer orders, discussed below). Any change of requested delivery date or address must be received in writing by US Door within six hours of order placement. Purchaser will receive an email confirming receipt of the order, and a second email when the order has shipped (Purchaser may receive multiple shipping confirmations if order is fulfilled in multiple shipments). Please save these email invoices. US Door does not ship to P.O. Boxes or military APO/FPO addresses and a valid physical address must be provided during checkout. In the event the actual shipping cost for a custom order exceeds the estimated shipping cost, Purchaser shall be responsible for up to $1,000 of additional shipping cost, and US Door will pay any additional shipping cost in excess of the initial $1,000. As an alternative to the foregoing, in the event the actual shipping cost for a customer order exceeds the estimated shipping cost, Purchaser may elect to cancel shipping through US Door’s chosen freight company and arrange shipping through a freight company of Purchaser’s choice at Purchaser’s sole expense.

DELIVERY. A freight company representative will contact Purchaser prior to shipment to schedule a convenient date for delivery. US Door will provide Purchaser with all necessary delivery information to prepare for delivery, including: full carrier information, contact numbers, and tracking numbers. It is Purchaser’s responsibility to work with the delivery center servicing Purchaser’s area to schedule an appointment on the expected date of delivery. Purchaser is responsible for providing a commercial address with a receiving deck, or hiring a professional to unload the shipment with a forklift for larger orders. If Purchaser misses an appointment, a re-delivery fee may be assessed by the freight company for which Purchaser is exclusively responsible. If Purchaser is unable to take delivery of products within two days after the shipment arrives to the service center, the carrier may also assess monetary charges for storage fees, for which Purchaser is exclusively responsible. If the delivery address is inaccessible or invalid, Purchaser agrees to pay the purchase order amount and the additional delivery charges.  US Door strongly advises against pick-up of orders from the freight company's terminal or any location other than the delivery address and US Door will not be liable for any damages arising from Purchaser’s decision to do so. At the point of delivery, US Door will have paid all standard shipping costs, and therefore Purchaser should not be required to pay anything to the shipper at the time of delivery. Any and all such payments, if made by the Purchaser to the carrier or its representatives for any additional services, will be at Purchaser’s sole discretion and cost, and US Door is not liable for same.

RECEIVING - BEST PRACTICES.  In the exercise of best practices, Purchaser should have basic hand tools present at delivery (e.g., knife, hammer, cutting pliers, etc.) to open crates for inspection without destroying packing materials, as well as a camera or smartphone with camera in order to take pictures of the shipment. For larger orders, it is recommended that Purchaser open the crate in the truck and unload the doors individually (driver’s permission may be required); or alternatively, change the receiving address to a commercial address with a receiving deck. Purchaser is entitled to inspect the shipment before acceptance of same, and failure to do so may absolve the carrier from liability for concealed damage. Purchaser is not obligated to accept the shipment without inspection; if the delivery driver refuses inspection, please note on the delivery receipt the following: “SHIPMENT REFUSED. DRIVER WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO EXAMINE FREIGHT”. US Door is not responsible for any additional shipping fees other than the standard shipping fee. US Door assumes no responsibility for damage to the product, or personal injury, arising by virtue of the unloading or unpacking of shipments. Do not sign proof of delivery until you inspect the freight. In the case of damage or return, you may use the same packaging. If damage is visible, please take pictures of such damage and note same on the delivery receipt. Do not sign for deliveries “subject to inspection”. 

MISSING PARTS. If parts are missing, Purchaser will accept the delivery and notify US Door of same within three days of the date of taking delivery. US Door will provide replacement parts necessary to complete the order within a reasonable time of being provide notice of missing parts. US Door is not responsible for providing replacement or missing parts in the event it is not timely notified of same.  

REJECTION. Purchaser must provide notice of any rejection of non-conforming or defective goods within three days of delivery of such goods. Failure to provide such notice constitutes acceptance of non-conforming or defective goods; and acceptance constitutes an acknowledgment that the merchandise has been delivered in satisfactory condition and that Purchaser releases the freight company and US Door from all damage claims related to the condition of the goods.

WILL CALL. Orders are available for pick up from the manufacturer’s warehouse provided Purchaser contacts US Door to advise of pick-up prior to the order shipping. US Door will refund Purchaser’s shipping charges and email Purchaser further instructions for pick-up. The manufacturer’s warehouse is not a retail location and all orders must be fully-processed prior to pick-up.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS. Please call or email US Door for details and shipping rates for international orders.

REFUNDS AND CANCELLATIONS. All sales are final except as set forth herein. Orders may be cancelled if notice of cancellation is provided to US Door within three business days of placement of the order and the order has not yet shipped. A 25% restocking fee will apply to all cancelled doors/slab orders. All custom orders, including custom-size, pre-hung, and pre-finished doors are not subject to cancellation where production has already commenced. Cancellation requests must be made via email or fax. If Purchaser receives non-conforming or defective goods, US Door will agree to provide conforming goods or a full refund (not to include shipping expenses) at US Door’s option provided Purchaser gives notice to US Door of receipt of non-conforming or defective items within three days of the date of delivery. In any event, US Door is not responsible for any damages that occur during shipping. No refund of the purchase price will be made until the items have safely arrived at our manufacturer’s warehouse. Purchaser shall retain receipt and return it with the product in its original packaging. Failure to provide notice in accordance with this section shall result in delivery being deemed accepted for all purposes and will constitute a waiver of any right to refund, return, or cancellation otherwise provided hereunder. US Door will review and offer an option for replacing or repairing damaged goods only if Purchaser notates the damage on the receiving receipt upon delivery. US Door shall have up to four (4) weeks to provide a resolution. US Door shall not be responsible for any damages discovered after the Purchaser takes delivery of the goods and any claim for damages should be filed with the shipping carrier pursuant to the carrier’s policies and procedures.

RISK OF LOSS. All items purchased from the Website are made pursuant to a shipment contract. The risk of loss for, and title to, such items passes to Purchaser upon US Door’s delivery to the carrier.

PURCHASE ORDERS. If any order is preceded by, accompanied by, or followed by a purchase order or other similar document supplied by Purchaser, the parties agree that the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement shall prevail over any terms contained in such purchase order to the extent they conflict with the terms of this Agreement. 

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. Purchaser agrees that intellectual property existing on its Website, and associated with any product offered on such Website, is the exclusive property of US Door and/or its manufacturers, and Purchaser agrees that it will not use such intellectual property for economic gain or benefit, or in any fashion not contemplated under this Agreement.

DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. US Door expressly warrants that products delivered to Purchaser will conform to the specifications and descriptions provided on US Door’s website for those products. Purchaser waives any and all other warranties, express or implied, including any warranties of fitness, merchantability, non-infringement, as well as any implied warranties arising out of the course of performance, dealing, or trade usage. There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof. See § 672.316(2), Fla. Stat. The parties further waive any and all consequential, indirect, or special damages arising from any alleged breach of any obligation, warranty, or duty, express or implied, as between the parties, except with respect to injuries to the person arising out of a consumer transaction. Any warranties provided hereunder do not extend to any third party beneficiaries not specifically enumerated in § 672.318, Fla. Stat. US Door does not warrant installation of the goods. Purchaser agrees that it waives any and all claims against US Door for any liability for improper installation or any damage resulting therefrom. Such waiver also includes any installations performed by third parties recommended to Purchaser by US Door.

NON-WAIVER. The failure to assert any right or remedy available under the terms of this Agreement shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any other right or remedy available under the terms of this Agreement.

APPLICABLE LAW, VENUE, ATTORNEYS’ FEES. The parties acknowledge that the relationship between US Door and Purchaser under this Agreement shall be governed exclusively by Florida state law except where, and only to the extent that, applicable federal law preempts Florida state law. The parties agree that any proceeding regarding the rights and obligations arising under this Agreement shall be brought exclusively in the state or federal court having jurisdiction in Hillsborough County, Florida. In any such proceeding, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover its attorneys’ fees against the non-prevailing party, whether those fees are incurred in trial, appellate, or bankruptcy court.

SEVERABILITY / ENTIRE AGREEMENT. If any term or condition contained herein is deemed unenforceable for any reason, then that term or condition shall be deemed severable from the remaining portions of this Agreement, which shall continue in full force and effect. The terms and conditions contained on this Website, and the terms and conditions contained on the invoices generated by US Door, constitute the entire agreement between Purchaser and US Door. All purchases from US Door are subject to those terms and conditions, which shall be construed in harmony with one another so as to avoid any conflict; in the event of a conflict, the website terms and conditions shall control.